Goff's Beagle Kennel is located in the middle of the Homochitto National Forest but we have moved.  We are now located in the small community of Eddiceton, Mississippi.  (Still in Franklin County)  We are 2.5 miles North of US Highway 84 about 10 miles East of Meadville and Bude.  We live on Cater lane off of Veto road. (Call for directions.) 

We raise and train AKC registered beagles and like the 13" hounds the best.  Our kennel is mainly Weircreek bloodlines that stem from Fld. Ch. Boggy Holler Teddy Bear, Fld. Ch. Boggy Holler Buddy and Fld. Ch. Boggy Holler Banjo.  We have recently added some Blackcreek blood with several pups.  (pictures later)  

Our hounds are upper medium speed line control hounds that don't know the meaning of quit.  We run mainly for pleasure but do like to take the boys hunting from time to time. 

We also have about a 8 acre exercise pen with a small starting pen used to start pups and solo our hounds from time to time.  I truly enjoy seeing a pup open and chase his/her first bunny.  We have started several outside pups and occasionally exercise hounds for others. Give us a call for availability.

We don't sell a lot of hounds but do have some for sale from time to time.  We usually have a few pups for sale.  We can be reached by calling 601-532-6556 (home) or 601-384-6748 (cell).  You can also reach us at mikegoff@ftcweb.net.  

Hunt with the boys.
(Lto R) Chris Smith, Mary, 
Greg, and Brinson Wall
Rabbit Slayer, Mary
Another Hunt with
the boys
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C. J. Wall (aka.)  Rabbit Slayer